Sunday morning’s brief downpour has led to the flooding of some homes and streets in Dansoman in Accra.

Residents of the area were hit hard by the rains, with their movements restricted following the brief downpour.

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Areas such as the Carl Reindorf street, popularly known as Otodjor were severely affected as drains appeared to have overflowed their banks.

This prevented most of the residents from going about their daily routines, with many being forced to ditch church activities due to the floods.

Most streets were so flooded that residents who tried to cross had to do so on bare foot, as the water was almost at knee level.

Despite the floods in Dansoman, neither was any casualties recorded nor any property destroyed, Accra-based Citi FM reports.

Some of the residents raised concerns with the regular flooding of the area each time there is a heavy rainfall.

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They pointed to the eruption of buildings on water ways as the primary reason why the area constantly gets flooded.

In a related issue, the Ghana Meteorological Agency has warned of an impending heavy rainfall during this rainy season.

“…for the southern half, we are going to have normal to above normal rainfall, we are going to heavy downpours. So if we don’t do our things right we are going to have floods when our draining systems are all chocked,” the Director of Research at the Ghana Metrological Agency, Mr. Charles Kweku York, said.