According to legislature, not much has been done to cater for the poor who will be the hardest hit when the lockdown comes into force on Monday.

Mr Mubarak made the criticism when he compared the Algerian government distribution of food aid to poor to Ghana's, which made no provision for the poor.

He posted on his Facebook page: "Algerian government organized mass distribution of food items across the country for the poor and underprivileged. In Ghana we are locking down with little or no preparations for the poor."

He also slammed the lack of plan for vulnerable groups "rough sleepers" and "kayayes."

"I'm told some of these rough sleepers, especially "Kayayes" and loading boys have started making the journey back to their hometowns," he said.

"A proper emergency response is to meet them at their various spots and have some sort of testing, restrictions, and more importantly education. Education and persuasion would be powerful complements to forced testing and restrictions," he added.