The maternal unit of the Ridge Hospital in Accra have adopted a new system of saving pre-mature babies from dying.

Explaining the new system, Head of Clinical Services at the Ridge Hospital, Dr Srofenyo told Accra-based TV3 that "The mother of the baby has a constant body temperature which she can use to protect the baby. So what is done is that the baby is put in-between the two breast and wrapped close to the body of the mother so that the mother's body temperature provides constant external warmth that the baby needs."

The new system; the Skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo mother care (KMC) which takes place in the first hours after birth, makes the mother and baby ready to establish a pattern of mutual interaction and coordination.

In Ghana, pre-term babies make up over 10 percent of all deliveries, with infections like severe malaria and urinary tract infections being the cause.

Studies have shown that KMC for low birth weight, LBW infants could reduce mortality, severe illness, infection, and the length of hospital stay.With a simple cloth costing just GHC20, newborns with a weight as low as 0.75 kilogrammes who require incubator, are tied in an upright position against their mothers' bare chest for as long as possible each day.This method facilitates mother-infant bonding, improves the acquaintance, and causes the mother to be more comfortable.

Of the about 10,000 babies delivered at the Ridge Hospital in Accra, about 1000 of them are born prematurely in different conditions.Experts say the new technique also helps in regulating the body temperature of the babies as well as increase their weight dramatically.