Sammy Gyamfi writes on the attempt by the police to regulate and criminalise prophecies

My Christian brethren, even though we all know that there are charlatans occupying pulpits in many churches today, we must hasten slowly on the attempts by some people to regulate and criminalize prophecy.

Sammy Gyamfi

We do know that there are fake prophets just as there are fake doctors, fake lawyers, and so on. The Bible tells us to beware of fake Prophets and has given us a standard for testing all spirits so we can determine who is of God and who is not of God. Let us, therefore, be careful that we do not support an agenda that can have dire consequences on the work of genuine men of God (not just Prophets), and the Church in general.

As a lawyer, I cannot fathom how on earth, any prophecy, including the ones about possible deaths of people, can be said to constitute the offense of false publication or fear and panic.

Firstly, if you believe in prophecy, then you must understand the divine principle that governs prophecy in the word of God which is; God reveals to redeem. Every prophecy about you is therefore for your good and not your destruction. We know from the scriptures (Corinthians 14:3) that prophecy is for three things; exhortation, edification, and Comfort. This is why one cannot reasonably say that a word of prophecy has caused you fear and panic. For God reveals to redeem and the Bible shows us how to avert undesirable prophecies.

Secondly, if you don’t believe in prophecy, then you must not even listen to or pay attention to the same. You cannot reasonably be heard to say that a prophetic word has caused you fear and panic when you profess not to believe in prophecy. That’s a contradiction. How can you be afraid of something you don’t believe in?


Also, on the issue of how and where prophecies should be delivered, we must note that God, the giver of the gift of prophecy is sovereign. He can lead or direct a prophet to deliver a specific prophetic word to a specific person in private. In much the same way, God in His sovereignty can lead or direct a Prophet to deliver a word of prophecy publicly. For instance, Prophet Jonah delivered his prophecy about the destruction of Nineveh publicly. The Bible is replete with several such examples.

As for the ridiculous threat that Prophets must back their prophecies with evidence or else they will be charged with the offense of False Publication, the least said about it the better. Certainly, that position stems from a clear misunderstanding of the gift of prophecy. One of the meanings or dimensions of prophecy is foretelling. So how can Prophets be reasonably expected to foretell things they already have evidence of? Does that even make sense?

From the days of Moses to Jesus and to this present Church age, no prophet has ever adduced or provided evidence to buttress their prophecies. When Joseph prophesied about famine in Egypt, did he give Pharoah any evidence to buttress this Prophecy? What about our Lord Jesus Christ, when he prophesied about the destruction of Jerusalem?

Prophet Uebert Angel did not adduce any evidence to support his prophecy about the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya in the year 2013 yet it happened as he prophesied. I can go on and on.

Also, we know from the Bible that prophecies usually come by way of visions, dreams, etc. So what does the IGP mean when he says that prophecies must be backed by facts or evidence? Is he expecting Prophets to carry cameras into the realm of the spirit to record the visions and dreams God shows them? And is any such “spiritual evidence” admissible in law? Aaahba!!!!


For me, the issue of prophecy is an issue of spirituality, faith, and belief. If you don’t believe in it, don’t listen or pay attention to it. It’s as simple as that. But if you believe in it, know that God reveals to redeem. And that all prophecies are for exhortation, edification, and comfort.

At worst, an individual offended by a word of prophecy can seek legal remedy in tort. The 1992 Constitution of Ghana guarantees all persons in Ghana the right to freely practice their religion and to manifest the same. Why then are some people trying to criminalize and/or regulate prophecies?

The IGP who I am told is an Elder in his church should read his Bible well. I think he will do well if he focuses on his core mandate of fighting crime instead of meddling in matters of faith

Sammy Gyamfi Esq.

Legal Practitioner and a proud Christian


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