A group of armed robbers have shockingly seized the patrol vehicle of a Police team after handing the officers severe beatings at Sankore in the Eastern region.

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The armed robbers overpowered the Police patrol team and attacked the officers before eloping with their patrol vehicle.

The thugs later used the Police patrol vehicle for separate robbery operations at different locations in the area.

Joy News reports that the residence of the Member of Parliament (MP) of the area was part of the houses that were robbed.

Also, four people, including a police officer, were severely injured following the attacks and are currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

Confirming the news, District Police commander for Sankore, DSP Robert Akwasi Boakye, said the other Police officers had to run to save their lives.

“The police vehicle fell into a ditch; they [the distressed patrol team] pulled the driver out of the vehicle and the policemen exited the vehicle and found their way back to the police station to secure their lives,” he said.

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Meanwhile, MP for Asunafo South, Eric Opoku, whose house was robbed, is convinced the robbers are members of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to him, the thugs confronted the police at Abuom Junction which leads to Sankore, preventing them from patrolling the community.

“The NPP boys met them [the Police] and told them they will not allow them to enter the town to do their patrol work. That they [ the thugs] don’t understand why they are patrolling the community,” the MP told Joy News.

“They [the attackers] did not agree with them [patrol team]. So they chased them and the police had to run,” he added.