Private legal practitioner John Ndebugri is predicting that Martin ABK Amidu will exit from office before his seven-year mandate as Special Prosecutor.

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Speaking on Joy FM's "Newsfile" Saturday, he predicted that the board will interfere in the work of Martin Amidu, which will lead to his exit from office.

Per the bill, the Office of the Special Prosecutor will have a board and the Special Prosecutor is answerable to it.

This provision, Mr Ndebugri said on Joy FM's Newsfile, will cause Martin Amidu to leave his office.

Speaking to the same show, Ace Ankomah, a private legal practitioner, disagreed that the nature of the office of the special prosecutor law will cause Martin Amidu to leave office.

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He, however, added that if it happens that Martin Amidu leaves office because of the interference of his work by the board, "it is fine for Ghana."