Cynthia Morrison said teachers must stop complaining about the food they receive from caterers implementing the feeding programme.

She also asked teachers to stop demanding for meat from caterers, adding that the programme covers only school children.

Gender Minister, Cynthia Morrison
Gender Minister, Cynthia Morrison

"There are a lot of teachers and we are expected to give them food,” the Minister said in an interview with Joy News.

“These teachers sometimes demand special preference, demanding meats and stuff, which is beyond what we are supposed to provide. Meanwhile, they're not part of this feeding programme.”

She further stressed that any food given to teachers by caterers is a favour and not a strict obligation.

"If the caterers are giving them (teachers) food, then they (teachers) are only doing them a favour. They were not originally part of the concept,” Madam Morrison highlighted.

“The food is supposed to be for the school children and so if they are partaking in it then they should take whatever is given to them.”

The Gender Minister was responding to issues raised by one caterer regarding the persistent complaints from some teachers about the food served them.

Madam Morrison urged the media to desist from reporting unsubstantiated stories concerning the programme.