They claim the lack of opportunities, food and good medical care are hampering their stay in the country.

This they did by converging at the premises of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) to protest.

A spokesperson for the refugees, Mohammed Abdul Rahman told Accra based Citi FM that they would only relocate when they have an assurance from authorities that their welfare would be guaranteed at their next location.

“Some refugees are living in the Western Region and some are living in Accra. In the camp, we do not have job opportunities and we do not have food supply. We are asking them to supply us food and provide jobs for our children."

He also said, “We have health challenges. We do not have money. The UNCR is responsible for meeting our demands so we are not moving from here until we see how they are going to cover our demands".

The refugees are reportedly to be living in Ghana since November, 2018.