The first thing we think of is what to wear when going out without prior consideration for what goes under those clothes. Undergarments do a lot more than hide beneath our stunning dresses and shirts. In many ways, they most certainly add to our general appearance.

Keeps wetness in: Undergarments are worn very close to the skin. They keep our outer garments from being soiled with bodily secretions. In warm weathers, we tend to perspire a lot.  There’s nothing more unattractive than having your clothes wet with sweat or stuck to your back like a cape as a result of that.  Imagine having to hug people at a gathering when your back is wet with sweat, no one likes that. For me, cotton camisoles are life savers when it comes to such situations. They cover the top part of the body and absorb body fluids leaving your clothes looking and feeling dry.

Supports and shapes:  Good underwear shapes the body and provides support for parts of it. Imagine wearing a sheer blouse with no bra on or a fitted dress with no panties on. It would be unsightly to have your assets flying all over the place or jiggling uncontrollably, wouldn’t it?

It’s all in the right size: Many women are unaware of their right bra size. They’ve been wearing the same bra size as the first bras that their mum bought them when they reached puberty! It’s important to get fitted to know your right bra size. A bad bra doesn’t only have an effect on your posture, but also doesn’t frame you properly and as such every outfit you wear would look awkward just because either your boobs are spilling out of the dress, or your boobs are too close to your chest (flattened) instead of standing independent of your chest.

Change is important: Like our outer garments, our under garments get worn out as well and need to be changed every so often. Just because no one sees it doesn’t mean it is okay to have holes in it. Knowing that you have everything ‘on point’ gives you that extra confidence

Colours: Colour is also very important in the selection of undergarments. Nude colours or dark colours such as coffee brown, black or navy blue tend to be non-evident under clothes however adventurous colours such as hot pink, yellow, orange etc can immediately show in outer garments.  Imagine turning up for a meeting with some investors wearing a crisp white shirt and pencil skirt with your hot pink bra screaming louder than a new born baby, totally unprofessional (save that for your funky night out). Also be careful about wearing white panties under a white dress.  Many women are guilty of this; they think a white panty wouldn’t show under a white dress; WRONG!

Different undergarments for different outfits:  it’s important to know what undergarment to wear with which outfit and to ensure that the size is right. Your quest to look attractive will be meaningless if you do not have the right undergarments. If you’re uncertain of what undergarments are right for you. Seek the help of a professional or visit any recognizable lingerie shop to enjoy free advice on undergarments shopping or in determining your size.

Now see what difference this makes to your outfits.