Trouble looms if wealthy are classified needy - Domelevo

Former Auditor-General, Dominic Yao Domelevo, has voiced alarm over the misuse of scholarships in Ghana, particularly highlighting the issue of financially well-off individuals being classified as needy and therefore benefiting from these scholarships.

Daniel Domelevo

Speaking on JoyNews’ Newsfile, Domelevo expressed dismay at the Scholarship Secretariat's failure to address the ongoing abuse of scholarships intended for economically disadvantaged but gifted students.

He emphasized the need for the Secretariat to take action, especially after audits have brought these issues to light.

Domelevo highlighted examples where individuals earning high salaries, such as ministers earning GH₵25,000 per month, have been classified as needy and granted scholarships. He emphasized the absurdity of such classifications, particularly when compared to the low salaries of some teachers and public servants.

“So I thought maybe they didn’t know, so at least since the audit has revealed some of these things, it was very easy to say look, let’s see what is expected of us, the law says this.”


“If we have a society in which the highest-paid class can classify themselves as needy, then we are in trouble.”

“So if you are taking between GH₵25,000 to GH₵30,000 a month and you are needy and so it is you who is supposed to benefit from this fund, then I find it unfortunate,” he added

His concerns come in the wake of revelations by the Fourth Estate, which identified beneficiaries of scholarships closely connected to key government officials. Among the beneficiaries listed were children of the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and a former Inspector General of Police.

The publication has sparked widespread condemnation, with many calling for transparency from the Scholarship Secretariat. However, the Secretariat maintains that it has done nothing wrong.

Domelevo's remarks underscore the urgent need for reforms to ensure that scholarships are awarded based on genuine need and merit, rather than political or social connections.


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