The Employment Tribunal in the UK has dismissed a case brought to it by a top banking executive who was fired from his job after he deposited £350,000 in cash handed to him by the

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The tribunal, presided over by Employment Judge Glennie, dismissed Mr Arthur's petition although it said it was possible to have some sympathy with his position given Otumfou's status and the fact that he could not question the king when he handed him the money for deposit.

"The Tribunal concluded that whatever had gone before did not mean that the Claimant was justified in doing what he did or had any reason to believe that what he was doing was acceptable.

"For the reasons outlined above, this was a serious breach of several aspects of the due diligence that should be carried out in respect of transaction of this nature. We have already set out above the problems that there were in relation to the source of the funds, accepting such a large sum in cash, checking whether the relevant exchange controls had been complied with, and the security of the funds while they were being transferred to the Bank. The Claimant stated in his own evidence that he was placed in a dilemma. This arose because he knew that what the King was asking him to do was something that he should not do, but because of the King’s status he felt unable to challenge him over it," the judgement read.

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On the termination of Mark Arthur's employment status, the Tribunal said it "was satisfied that in doing what he did the Claimant had committed misconduct of sufficient seriousness as to amount to a fundamental breach of the employment contract entitling the Respondent to terminate that contract without notice."

Read the full judgement below:

Mark Arthur’s case against Ghana Intl. Bank PLC dismissed