As a Bible Teacher and Researcher into end-time Biblical prophecies, the basic problem I have detected world-wide is the inability of many believers to differentiate the authentic performance of the Holy Spirit from that of masquerading satanic spirits.

To me, these are the most dangerous problems confronting the believer. What many believers do not know is that, pursuing the anti-Christ agenda against the children of God, satan “anoints” his hard-core agents to contaminate believers.

Through the impartation of this weird “anointing”, these satanic ministers can speak in diverse tongues, give prophecies, claim to see visions and perform many counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders unsuspecting to the Believer (Please read 2 Thes. 2:9-12 NIV).It takes only the intervention of the Holy Spirit to expose them.


I often bleed in my heart as I come face to face with the pathetic reality that many believers are so simple-minded as to believe that anyone who holds the Bible and preaches is to be received as a man of God.

Satan is real, satanic afflictions are real and they abound all over the world. Satanic agents also abound and are working hard to deceive and pollute the children of God. My personal encounter with Satan and his evil world and the redeeming hand of God makes it possible for me to testify that.