We'll donate our sperm for money due to economic hardship — Ghanaians speak

Given that you need to attend the hospital and fertility centre multiple times to donate sperm, there is the potential to earn some money, with the bonus of doing some genuine good at the same time by helping others to have a baby.


No matter how good you think your sperm may be, you'll only receive GH¢2.500 every week. hit the street to ask Ghanaian men if they are willing and ready to donate their sperm for cash thus GH¢2.500 per week and GH¢10.000 a month.

A young man said he's ready to donate his sperm and take GH¢2.500 every week looking at the current economic crisis in the country.

"You donate your sperm, you take your money. You understand? That money is money... Because if they said God will bless you, this is the type of blessing. We don't have dirty money," the gentleman said.


"What I'll think before donating my sperm is that the economy is not good. I'll think about my future, maybe this is my future," he added.

Some said he'll even donate twice in a week.

But some men disagreed and said the sperm is their property.

Meanwhile, nutritionist Fred Amese has stated that the development may have some future consequences including the likelihood of the children produced as a result of the practice, marrying in the future unknowingly, and thereby committing incest.

He also spoke against the payment in exchange for sperm and egg donations, saying the practice might be unlawful.


Sperm donation involves a man donating his sperm for use in assisted reproduction to aid a woman or couple experiencing male infertility achieve pregnancy.

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