Ace undercover investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has revealed that he and President John Mahama worked together on one of his investigative pieces at Bole in the past.

Anas had then sought to expose the abductors of a chief at Bole Rebo Raid.

President Mahama joined Anas on that mission to retrace the routes of the rebels and abductors, during his time as the Member of Parliament for the Bole-Bamboi constituency

"I worked together with the president on that risky story - he carried the camera and filmed the whole incident - I am sure he still has those clips because he personally shot them," Anas told Jefferson Sackey in an exclusive interview on Jefferson Reports.

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Anas was on the show to discuss a new and detailed documentary dubbed "The Chameleon" made by Canadian filmmaker Ryan Mullens on the life and work of Anas.

Anas noted that in that investigation he was chased from Côte d'Ivoire through the bushes and he ended up in Ghana and he thought that was too risky because anything could have happened to him.

He said that the Bole story was one of his regrets and if given another chance, he would not take that risk and go to the dwelling place of rebels without proper security protection.

But the risk he regrets taking most was pretending to be a Catholic priest and entering a Bangkok Torture Chamber in Thailand to secretly film the crimes being committed there.

"That was just too risky. I won't do that again - if I had been captured the Ghana Embassy in Thailand would not have known about it because it would have looked like I was playing in the devils mouth and I was captured," he said.

Anas said as an undercover investigative journalist, he has moments of fear for his life and for his family, but he trusts in the security measures put in place by the institutions he works with both at home and abroad, to protect him and all his beneficiaries.