The President said Ghanaians have moved on from the stagnation and lack of progress that they endured under the erstwhile NDC government.

According to him, Mahama has no record or policies to defend and has been campaigning only on bankruptcy and negativity.

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“Bankrupt record, bankrupt future, that’s what we had under this leader (Mahama). We are not turning back; we are not turning back to the past of stagnation and no achievements. We are going to go forward; we are marching forward," Nana Addo said.

The President was speaking at a durbar of Chiefs and people of Aflao held in his honour on Monday, September 4.

Nana Addo in the Volta region
Nana Addo in the Volta region

“The people who were asleep when they were in a comfortable lead, only to wake up to find that the country had rejected them, they are still asleep. They will not wake up and see that Ghana has moved on,” he stated.

President Akufo-Addo was responding to John Mahama’s claims that God allowed the NPP to win power so that Ghanaians could appreciate the work done by the NDC.

He went on to take a swipe at his predecessor, insisting Mahama will be given another big jolt when the NPP wins the 2020 polls.

“We had a leader who has no record he can defend, who has no prescriptions for the future, no policies for the future. We have never had any policies coming from this leader about what is going to happen in the future under him.

“Next year, the people who are still asleep are going to get another big jolt with an impending victory of the NPP government,” an optimistic Nana Addo said.