According to him, Ghanaians are, therefore, preparing their thumbs to vote out the Akufo-Addo government in 2020.

He made the comment during an address at the 100-year anniversary of the E.P Church at Dabala in the Volta Region on Sunday.

“As for the hardship you are going through today, I’m not the one to tell you, all of us are suffering our own hardships…and we are preparing our thumbs for 2020 so that we can change the change,” Mahama said.

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Former President John Mahama
Former President John Mahama

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) suffered a heavy loss to the NPP during the 2016 polls.

This meant that Mahama became the first ever incumbent President to serve for just one term in the history of Ghana’s Fourth Republic.

However, the NDC flagbearer believes God allowed the NPP to win power so that Ghanaians could appreciate the work done by the NDC.

According to him, Ghanaians now know the difference between the NDC and the NPP, having experienced both parties.

“Sometimes when God makes us go through hardship he has a purpose for it…I said it was good and it was God’s will that we lost the election in 2016,” Mahama said.

“We lost in order that we will continue to have a peaceful country and then secondly, because God wanted us to appreciate what NDC was doing. If NDC had not lost, it will be what we call ‘tragedy of the unlived experience’.

“…and so, if the NDC had not lost and Nana Akufo-Addo and NPP taken over, we would never have appreciated what NDC was doing for us. And so, God said ‘let me let you experience this one too so that you have a basis for comparing the two’,” he added.