Resigned Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the

According to her, she no longer feels safe in Ghana, adding that some unknown people want to kill her.

Blakofe resigned from her post over an alleged 'chop chop' at the company.

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The former television and radio presenter announced the decision on her Facebook page, indicating that people at the company are not working but rather interested in travelling and taking per diems.

She said she took the bold decision to resign because she "wanted to work, and not travel and take per diems."

She said has been targeted for elimination because she told the truth to power.

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"We woke up one morning to news that Fennec had been murdered. We woke to news JB Danquah had been murdered. We woke up to news about the young bank worker who was murdered. These are just 3 examples. Till date, no real concrete suspects have been dealt with. We don't know what issues they had. I'm putting all my issues out on social media so if you wake to the news that I've been murdered or dead all of a sudden, you have a clue where to begin investigations. I really don't see why we should get to this level. It means I'm speaking the truth and they need to get rid of me. I weep for Ghana. Truly it's an Asylum," she added.

In a series of post, she said "some idiots can kill for love of political party. She added that she's now the victim of threats.

Read below her Facebook posts.