“I hear somebody [former President Mahama] says we are spending so much on free SHS. Have you heard him," the Vice President asked rhetorically. "He said we are spending so much so we won’t have money for other things. Did you hear that?"

Mr Mahama, who is leading the National Democratic Congress (NDC) into the 2020 election, slammed government huge budget on secondary education while neglecting of basic and tertiary education.

“If you are spending all your money on secondary education, and less on tertiary and basic education, then there is something wrong with your educational system.” JMahama said.

However, speaking at Kwahu on Saturday after a health walk, the vice president reminded the ex-president of his past position on the free SHS.

The Vice President, amidst cheers from the crowd, said: “You who said free SHS was not possible. When you did not have free SHS under your government, you couldn’t pay teachers and nursing training allowance, you couldn’t pay National Health Insurance, is it free SHS which stopped you?

“I’m from the North. I benefitted from free education. It is good for the people of the north and it is good for the people of Ghana."