Brouhaha over a new electoral register: Ghanaians share their views

The intention of the Electoral Commission (EC) to compile a new voters register ahead of the 2020 general elections has generated a lot of controversy between the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Jean Adukwei Mensa, EC boss

The NDC is accusing the EC and the ruling government of conniving to rig the next elections through the compilation of a new register.

They contend that there is limited time to the general elections and also the new requirements needed by Ghanaians to be on the register will disenfranchise a lot of people.

However, the NPP disagree with this stance and posits that the current voters register is fraught with so many challenges, hence the need of a new one.

Though the NPP admits that the register was the one used in their historic electoral victory in 2016, they argue that it has many non-Ghanaians on it therefore a new one has to be compiled.


This bickering among the two major political parties over the register has spilled over to conversations by civil society organisations and well meaning Ghanaians.

We, at Pulse Ghana, therefore sampled the views of some Ghanaians on the neccesity of a new voters register.

Amadu, Electrical Technician: "I'm confused as to why the Electoral Commission is bent on compiling a new register, because we used the old register in the last election of Assemblymen and Unit Committee members just last December."

Randy, Journalist: "The EC is an independent body and mandated to compile a new register anytime they deem fit, therefore, I don't see the issues the NDC are raising. I think the EC should be allow to do their work."


Kwaku, Nurse: "I think the EC should take into account the coronavirus pandemic and sheve its plans to compile a new register. I don't think it is safe for people to queue and get registered, it can escalate Ghana's coronavirus cases."

Slyvia, Marketer: Honestly, I'm indifferent on this issue. I don't actually care what the EC and politicians do. They can go ahead and do whatever they want."

Tony, IT Specialist: "A new voters register will give some credibility to our elections and I am all for it. Also new technology for elections abound and I think we should look at upgrading our systems to make our elections perfect."

Yaa, Beautician: "If a new register will be the best for Ghana then why not? I am for anything that will inure to the benefit of Ghana and its people."


Kojo, Banker: "We should use the old register for the December elections and compile a new one later. I feel the time to the next elections is short for the compilation of a fresh voters register. It will cause a lot of problems."

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