Police block US military deal protestors from entering parliament

"I will lead a march on the parliament of Ghana over the agreement to establish the United States Military operations base in Ghana”, Ernesto Yeboah said.

This led to a standoff at the premises of parliament with the group insisting on venting their spleen at lawmakers for what they consider as a bad agreement.

Commander in chief of the Nkrumahist youth group The Fighters League who make up the CPP youth wing, Ernesto Kofi Yeboah vowed to make sure the agreement does not see the light of day no matter what and where his group would have to go.

He said it didn’t make sense to The Fighters League when “The agreement will permit the U.S. Military to use Ghana as a base for staging and deploying forces.Despite the unrestricted access and tax exemptions, Ghana has also agreed to bear the cost and take primary responsibility for securing the U.S. facilities in Ghana.”

Quoting Dr Nkrumah, he said “Africa has in fact in its midst a hard core of bourgeoisie who are analogous to colonialists and settlers in that they live in positions of privilege — a small, selfish, money-minded, reactionary minority among vast masses of exploited and oppressed people. Although apparently strong because of their support from Neo-Colonialists and imperialists, they are extremely vulnerable. Their survival depends on foreign support.”, he added.


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