According to them, the double-track system has caused about 1,433 teenage pregnancies in the various secondary schools.

Speaking at a press conference, a Ranking Member of the Education Committee of Parliament, Peter Nortsy-Kotoe, said the frequent semester breaks are a disservice to students.

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“One major disadvantage of the ‘Double-Track’ system is the area where many heads of second cycle institutions are indeed afraid to comment. That has to do with high rate of teenage pregnancies being recorded in some Senior High Schools,” Mr. Nortsy-Kotoe said.

“Within a spate of one year, alone (2018-2019) over 1,433 girls at Senior High Schools across the country were impregnated and dropped out of school. As said, the long and frequent semester breaks are the major causes of the teenage pregnancies. Students spend eight weeks at school and the same length of time at home.”

The double track system is currently operational in some 400 Senior High Schools, as the government aims to cater for increased enrolment under the Free SHS programme.

This particular system of education divides the entire student body and staff into two different tracks; so while one track is in school, the other is on vacation.

The Minority further accused the Akufo-Addo government of rushing to implement the double-track policy.

This, they said, has led to a deficit in terms if infrastructure as well as overcrowding in some secondary schools.

“The government went ahead to hurriedly commence the policy resulting in many challenges which continue to debilitate an otherwise good policy. 

“Major among these are a huge deficit in physical infrastructure resulting among others in congestion and overcrowding in the schools for the large number of students enrolled,” Mr. Nortsy-Kotoe.