Reverse your decision- Ayine to Nana Addo

Speaking on the floor of parliament on Wednesday 1 March, Dr Ayine gave reasons why he was against the establishment of the special prosecutor office.

Former Deputy Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Dr. Dominic Ayine, has said if the Npp administration should forge ahead and establish the office of Special Prosecutor , it will be used to pursue and persecute former government appointees, which will not indicate wellness for the governance of the country.

“The establishment of office of Special Prsecutor in common law jurisdictions has always been based upon one important consideration, that is, conflict of interest between the Attorney General, who is the constitutional repository or power to prosecute, and the person who has broken the criminal laws of the country. So conflict of interest is a cardinal consideration. Now in other situations where I‘m very certain, we on this side can predict with mathematical certainty that the office of the Special Prosecutor will be aiming at prosecuting former ministers and appointees of the former government,” he stated.

However he was quick to retract his statement when the Speaker of the House beckoned him to do so.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, as part of his 2016 election campaign, promised the creation of the office of Special Prosecutor as a way of curbing corruption in the public sector.

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