Ghanaians dare Vormawor to produce alleged $1M bribery tape

In a gripping twist of events, Ghanaians are daring Oliver Barker-Vormawor, the steadfast leader behind the #FixTheCountry Movement, to unveil the elusive tape recording that is rumored to hold a shocking revelation.

Baker Vormawor

Allegations of a jaw-dropping $1,000,000 bribe offered to Vormawor by high-ranking government officials have sent shockwaves throughout the nation.

It all began when Barker-Vormawor, in a courageous act of transparency, revealed in a media interview the astounding offer made to him by the Minister for National Security and other government figures.

Their proposal: cease his relentless activism for the betterment of Ghana in exchange for a staggering sum. However, Barker-Vormawor stood his ground, vehemently rejecting the offer, vowing to protect Ghana's democracy at any cost.

The Ministry of National Security was quick to respond, categorically denying these claims. They labeled the allegations as "false, unfounded, and a calculated attempt to hoodwink Ghanaians." While they acknowledged engaging with the Fix the Country Movement in 2021 to address their concerns, they insisted no monetary offers or appointments were made to sway the group.


Unfazed by the ministry's rebuttal, Barker-Vormawor boldly announced his possession of a tape recording, an alleged record of a secretive meeting with the Minister of National Security, dating back to even before the first FixTheCountry protest in 2021. This contradicted his previous account of the meeting involving the leadership of Fix the Country, the Minister for National Security, the Minister for Finance, and a top Military General.

However, skepticism arose within the nation, with some questioning the timing and authenticity of the tape.

Akoetey, a Sustainability, Climate, and Social Innovation Advisor, challenged Barker-Vormawor's integrity, raising questions about why he waited two years to reveal the existence of the tape. She queried whether a truly value-driven person would delay such a significant revelation.

The controversy has spilled onto social media platforms, where Ghanaians are demanding answers. They are challenging Barker-Vormawor to provide concrete details of the alleged meeting and, most importantly, to produce the elusive tape.

As the nation waits with bated breath, the tantalizing mystery surrounding this alleged $1 million bribery tape continues to captivate Ghana, its democracy hanging in the balance.


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