He has justified comments by the former President and said there's nothing wrong with what Mahama said.

Mahama, addressing party supporters said the NDC will match the NPP boot for boot in the 2020 elections if the government attempt to intimidate and harass its supporters.

"We are not going to joke in 2020 and I’m sounding a warning to the NPP – we are going to match them boot for boot," he stated.

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The warning comes on the heels of a shooting incident at the at Bawaleshie JHS polling station in the course of the Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency by-election on Thursday, 31 January 2019.

Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper Kwesi Pratt
Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper Kwesi Pratt

But some Ghanaians considered the "boot-for-boot" comments as incendiary.

Speaking on Accra-based Radio Gold's political talk show 'Alhaji and Alhaji', Kwesi Pratt jumped to the defence of Mahama.

He said "Now, there is also a lot of noise about what former President John Mahama said "boot for boot". What does it mean? It means that if you beat me, I will beat you back. So if you don’t want to be booted back, don't boot, that's all.

"Why do you want to slap me and why do you want me to turn the other cheek, am I Jesus the Christ? I am not; I am a human being. He says, don’t boot me, we all want peace, so don’t boot me; if you don’t boot me, me too I no go boot you, there will be peace and everybody will be happy. Then you say no, I will boot you but when I boot you, don’t boot me back; eeei! What is this?"

He said Ghanaians are living in dangerous times when violence is becoming the weapon of choice of people in power.

He noted that Mahama is not the initiator of violence in the country.

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He stated: "The man [Mahama] is not saying that I am going to boot you; he says, don’t boot me, if you boot me, I will boot you back and you say no; I will boot you but when I boot you, don’t boot me back or... if you threaten that when I boot you, you will boot me back then you are a violent man. What nonsense is that?"