New Patriotic Party (NPP) youth group in Gwollu, in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region stormed the District Assembly to demand the removal of the District Chief Executive (DCE).

The NPP youth said the DCE betrayed them after having several engagement asking him to appoint their preferred candidate as the coordinator to the Micro-finance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) for the district.

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"The Chairman for the constituency, Kanchuo D. Dramani, went to discuss with the DCE, the name of the person who should be made the MASLOC coordinator, but he refused and spoke in a rather unpleasant manner to him. The youth, who were angry, also went there to attack him but he got wind and fled from office," Iddrisu Waaleka, the constituency coordinator said.

Meanwhile, in the Karaga constituency in the Northern Region, some irate youth of the NPP have chased out the Chief Executive and the Youth Employment Coordinator.

The youth members Wednesday morning took to the streets and set a motorbike on fire.

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The NPP youth accused the DCE and the Youth Employment Coordinator Mohamed Baba of dividing the party and appointing of some youth into the security service.

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