'Mahama's 2nd coming will be worse, Bawumia will be disastrous' - Hassan Ayariga

Dr. Hassan Ayariga, founder and flagbearer of the All-People's Congress (APC), has issued a stern warning about the potential repercussions of Ghana's next presidential election.

'If Mahama wins he'll be worse, Bawumia will be disastrous' - Hassan Ayariga warns

Dr. Ayariga did not mince words when he predicted that a second term for Mahama would be "worse" than his previous tenure. He further described a possible Bawumia presidency as "disastrous," suggesting it would lead the nation into deeper economic and social crises than those currently prevailing.

“Both of them becoming President—Mahama will be worse, Bawumia will be disastrous, and Hassan Ayariga will be better,” Dr. Ayariga asserted. He elaborated that his policies would be markedly different and more beneficial for the country. “You will see the policies that I’m going to implement are totally different from what they are doing,” he told journalists.

Dr. Ayariga's comments reflect a growing dissatisfaction among certain political factions and the electorate, who are disillusioned with the current state of affairs and are seeking alternative leadership. He urged Ghanaians to scrutinise the track records and capabilities of all candidates vying for the presidency.


Specifically, Dr. Ayariga criticised John Mahama's previous administration, claiming that his return to power would exacerbate existing issues. Conversely, he argued that Dr. Bawumia’s leadership would be catastrophic due to his policy approach, which Ayariga believes would further destabilise the nation’s economy and social fabric.

During the press briefing, Dr. Ayariga also reiterated an accusation, alleging that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and Mahama had plagiarised his 24-hour economy policy, which he espoused as far back as 2020.

The APC leader's remarks underscore his party's positioning as a critical voice advocating for a new direction in Ghanaian politics. Whether Dr. Ayariga's warnings will resonate with the electorate and sway the upcoming election remains to be seen. For now, he and the APC continue to push for change and a new era of governance aimed at prioritising the well-being of all Ghanaians.


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