He questioned the feasibility studies of the promise to construct the dams in every village by the government.

Speaking at the party's 27th anniversary lecture, Mahama said "Today, 1 Village 1 Dam has become 1 Village 1 Pond because before the [2016 general] election I asked that are you [NPP] digging dugout or dams for irrigation purposes. They refused to answer and the reality has caught up. These are dug outs. In some cases they do not even qualify as dugouts."

He said the NDC has always delivered on its promises unlike the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to him, the NPP government made false promises just because they wanted to win power in 2016.

"We are not the same as the NPP. We have always stood by the truth. We have not told false promises just because we want political power.

"We tell the people exactly what we can do for them and when we come into office, we make our best effort to deliver exactly what we said we can do for them," Mahama said.

He added that most of the projects are not even qualified to be called dams, because they look more like dugouts.

In March 2018, Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia promised that a total of five hundred and seventy (570) dams will be constructed in the three northern regions in 2018, as part of the NPP government's manifesto pledge to facilitate community-owned and managed small-scale irrigation facilities across the country, popularly known as "one village one dam."

He said a similar number of dams will be constructed across the three northern regions in 2019, together with other interventions in the agric sector, expected to have a great impact on Ghana's food security and improve the lives of farming communities.

He stated: "Along with the Government policy of Planting for Food and Jobs, we have also initiated the policy of One Village One Dam, and I am glad to note that this policy is taking off this year, and for the three northern regions this year we expect the construction of a total of 570 dams."

It's over 12 months since Dr Bawumia promised that the 570 dams will be constructed but the NDC is unhappy about the utilization of the country's scarce resources under Nana Addo.

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