The Police have arrested five members of the governing New Patriotic Party in Karaga in the Northern Region after they chased out the District Chief Executive Officer (DCE),  Alhassan Yabdow, from his office.

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They were arrested after the beleaguered DCE lodged an official complain to the police.

On Wednesday, some irate youth of the NPP in the Karaga constituency chased out the DCE and the Youth Employment Coordinator for allegedly giving jobs to National Democratic Congress activists in the constituency.

The youth, who numbered about 50, claimed the DCE was stashing contracts to people who are not NPP members adding that Mr Yabdoo is also refusing to recognize the authority of the constituency chairman who he claimed did not support his DCE bid.

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The leader of the youth group, Abdul Rahaman Alhassan, also accused the Youth Employment Coordinator of being selective claiming he is a sympathiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).