Presidents shouldn’t take a salary; what do they pay for? - George Loh

A former Member of Parliament for North Dayi has said that presidents do not deserve to be paid salary because every expenditure of theirs is borne by the state.

George Loh

According to George Loh, left to him, presidents should not be paid salaries, let alone their spouses.

He was sharing his view of emoluments for spouses of sitting and former Presidents and Vice Presidents which has generated a lot of controversy in the past few days.

“I have always said that even presidents, for cosmetic reasons, if I had the opportunity, the president shouldn’t even take a salary.

“Sincerely speaking, what does the President pay for? When he becomes President of Ghana having been sworn in and taken office, what does he pay for? When he is moving around, there is always an expendable imprest,” quoted Mr. Loh as having said on The Big Issue.

The former lawmaker however added that “because they should not come and serve and go into penury”, they should retire on their salary amounts.

He said that the five-member Professor Yaa Ntiamoa-Baidu set up to make recommendations on the salaries and other gratuities of Article 71 officeholders ignored the constitution in its work and report.

“My greatest worry though is that the committee itself recognised and yet went ahead to recommend. I don’t understand… I don’t even know what went into the thinking of the committee to even make this proposal,” Mr. Loh wondered.

He expressed surprise that President Akufo Addo could watch on for the constitution to be breached.

“President Akufo-Addo himself, he is a lawyer by all standards. He should have known that this cannot hold.”


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