He said the number of the former appointees in the NDC government being prosecuted are not up to 21.

Nana Addo speaking at the 2019 Annual Ghana Bar Association conference on Monday, 9 September 2019, said 21 Mahama appointees are under prosecution for corruption.

He said their being prosecuted for their alleged involvement in corruption to the tune of GH¢772 million.

Brogya Genfi
Brogya Genfi

"So far, 21 officials of the previous administration are standing trial over their involvement in alleged acts of corruption or causing financial loss to the state amounting collectively to the tune of some GH¢772 million.

"Their trials are being conducted in a normal manner, with the safeguards that the law affords all accused persons so that due process is respected. The courts will, at the appropriate moment, deliver their verdicts."

Brogya Genfi speaking on Accra-based Peace FM said "The President said 21 former government officials are in court . . . if you subject it to fact check it's not even correct. Officials of the former administration in court are not up to 21 so I challenge the NPP to publish the names so that we know."

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