According to him, the political appointments of the securities are unable to fight crime even if it is committed in the public and thus affect their work.

"Go to civilized countries, certain positions, people are there because of their merit, not appointed by politicians and they work and serve well. Look at our security agencies, puppets of the ruling government and so they are not able to open their mouth, even arrest thieves who ride public cars and are fed by the state," he said.

Nana Addo with the police

Speaking at the first-anniversary ceremony of the Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG) in Accra, Bishop Titus Awotwi stated that "People who earn more and better way of salary and free/fringe benefits, occupying official houses with chauffeur driven cars, benefits come in thousands, they steal the most in the country.

"Go around the prisons, as we go around to give communion, ‘he has stolen a fowl’, ‘he has stolen a goat’, some in remand for years, yet those who openly steal and plunder walk our streets, what kind of society is this?"