Stop acting like a serial caller - Ade Coker blasts Dr. Kunbuor

Joseph Ade Coker, former Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has berated a Council of Elders member, Dr. Benjamin Kunbuor for his recent comments on happenings in the party.

Ade Coker, Greater Accra regional Chairman of NDC

According to Ade Coker, some of the utterances of Dr. Kunbuor in the media doesn't speak well of an elder in the party.

Dr. Kunbuor in an interview on Accra based Joy News had said that the party’s Council of Elders has not had access to the collated figures from the 2020 elections.

“Immediately after the elections, results were coming, we started seeing figures. For the ordinary party member, you said we had won the elections through the figures and collation that the party had done, why is it that those figures did not find their way to the court…"

“Political accountability is vertical and horizontal. People don’t know today, what exactly are the collated figures,” he added.

However, Ade Coker believes such comments are unnecessary because there are ways he could have known the collated results if he really wanted to.

“Have you seen the NPP coming out to announce to the whole world the numbers they made? No, we have a system. People must respect party structures…People who have had the privilege of being ministers of state, contesting elections will go to the public and behave this way. They have had the privilege of serving high positions so they should know better.

“The interview you were playing on your station has caused a lot of ripples everywhere. But if serial callers were doing that, that is fine but if an elderly person like him wants to know, he knows what to do. Dr Benjamin Kumbour knows what to do. He is just like anybody in the party. Look don’t let us assign titles to everybody. Everybody in the NDC whether you are a footsoldier, we are all the same people. So one person cannot make the party. So we should always think about the collective and not about our individual self, ” Ade told host Evans Mensah.

“We have the collated results. I’m surprised why Dr Kunbojr being a member of the Council of Elders hasn’t availed himself or asked the Executives to render account to the Council of Elders. If the Council of Elders is that interested in the figures, they would have asked. You just don’t go and say you are coming to give figures when they know the situation and they know what has happened at the party."


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