From prison to power - Bassirou Faye sworn in as Senegal's youngest president

Faye's ascent to the presidency marks a significant milestone in Senegal's political landscape.

Bassirou Diomaye Faye sworn in as Senegal's youngest President. [AFP]

Faye, aged 44, made a triumphant return to the political arena just 10 days after his release from prison, where he had been held alongside other political detainees.

The inauguration ceremony, attended by several African leaders, including those from the new town of Diamniadio near the capital Dakar, witnessed Faye's solemn pledge before God and the Senegalese nation to faithfully execute his duties as President.

He vowed to uphold the Constitution, defend the nation's integrity, and spare no effort in pursuing African unity.


Faye's ascent to the presidency marks a significant milestone in Senegal's political landscape.

He emerged as a prominent figure among a group of political opponents released from prison ahead of the March 24 presidential ballot under an amnesty granted by President Macky Sall.

Despite campaigning from detention, Faye's promises of combating corruption and better managing natural resources resonated with voters, particularly the youth, who are grappling with widespread unemployment and challenges associated with former colonial influences.

His victory underscores Senegal's commitment to democracy in West Africa, a region historically plagued by political instability.

Faye's presidency follows months of social unrest triggered by the arrests of opposition figures and concerns over potential constitutional amendments to extend presidential term limits.


In his inaugural address, Faye reiterated his pledge to fight corruption and implement economic reforms. He emphasized transparency by publicly disclosing his assets and called on fellow candidates to follow suit.

The composition of Faye's government is eagerly anticipated, with analysts scrutinizing its size, diversity, and profiles as an indicator of the new administration's commitment to change.

The role of popular opposition figure Sonko, who played a key role in Faye's candidacy, remains uncertain but is expected to be significant.

Faye's journey to the presidency was marked by legal battles and political manoeuvres.

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