Coronavirus: We don't believe there are many undetected infections in Africa - WHO

The World Health Organization says it does not believe there are many undetected infections of coronavirus in Africa concerning reported numbers on the continent.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Africa

Working with a host of partners to beef up detection and preventive measures on the topic of coronavirus disease COVID-19 in Africa, the organization admitted that it is still taking learnings from countries outside the Africa continent who have been dealing with the situation over the period.

Despite not having all the required health infrastructure to deal with the spread of the virus, WHO was confident the detected infections of coronavirus COVID-19 in Africa was accurate to a higher degree.

"We have not seen a cluster of cases that must be suggestive of what had been previously undiagnosed infections that are now resulting in serious illness. We have not seen that" officials from the World Health Organization said at an Africa Media Leader COVID-19 press briefing which had Pulse Ghana in attendance.

"We sense that this is a virus that is coming into countries with travellers from places where the infection is circulating. It may be that after a case has been in an aeroplane or a locality there may be some people who have been infected, who may not have been detected.

"We have systems in place where countries are working very hard to identify contacts of a case that has come in and to follow up and see if they develop into cases, sometimes quarantining them, sometimes testing them.

"Although they may be some undetected infections, we do not think that these are very large in number."

On preventive measures, WHO admitted that it was aware of the challenges faced by some African countries in getting water and soap for handwashing practices, one of the key measures to avoid contracting coronavirus COVID-19.

The organization disclosed it was working with other partners to make sure these problems are fixed or brought to the minimum state possible.

WHO official said that it was also taking learnings from experiences in outbreaks on the African continent saying: "Experience in outbreaks on the continent is now an asset, a positive."


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