Robert Mugabe took to passionately remising his first encounter and subsequently short courtship with his second wife, Grace at his mother-in law’s wake. This revelation did not only leave the guest present stunned but has caused ripples across the whole Zimbabwe nation.

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A real-life story of Samson and Delilah unfolded at the ceremony, with many wondering if this was really their dictator of many years. Apparently, he just had to have Gucci Grace, as she has been nicknamed by the nationals for her lavish lifestyle, the moment he set eyes on her.

“I was just introduced to her, looked at her lustfully and I said to myself, 'she is a beautiful girl,'" he recounted.  Mugabe further talked about how he had to wrestle with himself with these lustful thoughts before he was then still married to his first wife, Sally.

He recounted how he took a step further one day and decided to kiss her. How he grabbed her hand and kissed her, and when she didn't refuse or protest. He knew that the game was over. Despite still tangled in his former marriage, Mugabe said he consoled himself with the pressure from his mother to have children. Which, fortunately, Sally on her sick bed was unable to fulfil.

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Fast forward to 1996, when they were finally able to openly demonstrate their love for each other after marriage. Mugabe and Grace have been blessed with three children together after 22 years of marriage.