How Dormzi stands out from other freelance platforms

Every year, thousands of students aspire to become entrepreneurs by the time they graduate. But only a handful manages to fulfill that dream.


Most of them have to compromise sooner or later, either because they don’t find a platform to explore their business ideas or don’t have connections to give life to their businesses. Dormzi, a technology-based, micro-network-driven solution, provides both of these to students, enabling them to turn their dreams into reality gradually.

How does Dormzi work?

Dormzi is a platform for students to create online stores, showcase their skills, and promote their products. It works like a bridge between clients and entrepreneurs where you can promote your products, and clients can come looking for what they need. Those within the university world and outside can use Dormzi as the ideal marketplace to grow their businesses.

It comes with a custom messaging facility where you can connect with students from other universities in your state or country and find interested customers willing to try products from new brands.

Difference between Dormzi and freelance networks

Many people compare Dormzi with some of the freelance networks that exist out there, but the concept is different. Dormzi only focuses on students and tries to foster them to become entrepreneurs. The journey involves picking your business idea and converting it into a digital store to showcase your skills and sell products by searching your target audience in the Dormzi marketplace.

Freelance networks may give you the platform to promote your services, but they don’t necessarily foster your business idea. It’s for readymade ideas that need a platform to start the business. Many students don’t have that maturity to consider their business idea as a full-proof plan. They need nurturing from specialists or someone experienced in that industry to make it a business plan that attracts many customers.

For example, you want to start a food delivery app in your university. You need to take care of so many aspects, such as coordinating with the restaurants, building the delivery app, ensuring that the app works flawlessly, reviewing customer complaints, and updating new restaurants. All this is too much to handle, considering you also need to finish your college projects and attend classes every day. With Dormzi, you have a platform that takes care of your business idea. It lets you connect with your peers from other universities so that you can get help from them and implement their ideas in your business.

Of course, every business idea can be different, but it’s how you project it to your target audience that matters most. A food delivery app is quite common these days, but it will still sell if you manage to present your business idea differently. And to come up with that X-factor, you can seek help from the specialists you find in the Dormzi marketplace. After all, Dormzi isn’t just a site for clients. It’s a site that primarily helps students acquire clients to make their businesses successful.


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