An internal investigation launched by the Africa Union Commission has revealed damming sexual harassment of women within the organisation.

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“Sexual harassment: It is the finding of the Committee that incidents of sexual harassment exists [sic] in the Commission. This is established by the almost unanimous confirmation of the prevalence of this occurrence by interviewees appearing before the Committee,” said the three-woman panel appointed to investigate.

The report said the category of staff most vulnerable and exposed to this form of harassment are short-term staff, youth volunteers and interns.

"It would appear that the vulnerability of this category of staff is exploited on account of their insecurity of tenure," according to the report.

The report further noted that staff behind the harassment made "believable promises to young women that they will be offered contracts."

The full report of the inquiry has not been published.

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And according to South Africa's Mail & Guardian, the full report has not been released because it contains damning details of at least 44 cases of alleged unfair labour practises, sexual harassment, sexual assault, fraud and nepotism, some of which implicate senior officials.