Quiz: Answer these questions like Donald Trump and we’ll identify your favourite comedian

Want to release some stress? Imagine yourself as Donald Trump and take this quiz…


If you were caught cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend, what will be your explanation?

It's fake news
Body no be firewood
I blame CNN

What is your opinion on illegal immigrants?

They come to my country to cause food shortage
I’ll let the immigration deal with them mercilessly
I’ll build a giant wall to keep them away

How would you treat waiters who demand tips?

I’ll get that idiot fired
I’ll deport them to a “shithole” country to face hunger
I’ll make sure that restaurant is closed down

Which African country would you want to visit?

The ones that have the nicest girls
The ones that has the best booze
None of them, I don’t like their food

What is the first thing you’ll do if you went to Heaven?

I’ll ask for a drink with Jesus
I’ll ask for a chance to debate the devil
I’ll quickly find the nicest spot to lay my bed

If you met Osama Bin Laden today, what will you tell him?

I’m gonna knock him real hard
I’ll let my dogs deal with him
I’m gonna bomb him like to did to Americans on 9/11

Which of these is your favourite African proverb?

A goat’s frown cannot stop it from being taken to the market
Without fools there would be no wisdom
However much the buttocks are in a hurry, they will always remain behind

Say something about Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 US Election?

I’m suing the American people for voting against me
I’ll still build a wall before I leave office
They’ll have to force me out of the White House
Your score: Akrobeto
Your answers prove you'll be a big fan of Ghana's one and only who 'nose' tomorrow
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Your score: Kojo Nkansah Lilwin
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Your score: Bob Santo
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