5 Ghana vs Nigeria sports battles that made the friendly rivalry intense

The sports rivalry between Ghana and Nigeria is one of the most thrilling in Africa, encompassing not just football but various sports disciplines.

Ghana athletics team

This historic rivalry was rekindled yesterday at the 13th African Games which is being held in Accra. Ghana and Nigeria clashed in the men and women’s 4x100 relay finals.

The Nigerians defied all the odds to beat their Ghanaian counterparts in both events and win the gold medals.

These encounters are not only about winning but also about regional supremacy and pride.

Here's a listicle that highlights five memorable sports battles between Ghana and Nigeria, showcasing the intense competition and camaraderie between these two nations.


One of the most intense football battles between Ghana and Nigeria occurred during the qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Both teams were in the race to secure their spots in the tournament held in Qatar.

The matches were filled with high tension, skillful play, and the unmistakable passion of fans cheering for their respective countries. The first leg ended goalless in Kumasi and Ghana piped Nigeria by a lone goal in the return leg in Abuja to secure qualification to Qatar 2022.

Ghana and Nigeria have had numerous face-offs in the African Championships in Athletics, competing in sprints, jumps, and throws. These competitions have often been nail-biting, with athletes from both countries breaking records and earning medals.


The rivalry is especially fierce in track events, where the two nations have produced some of the continent's fastest sprinters. Their encounters in these championships highlight the athletic prowess of the region.

The rivalry extends to the basketball court during the FIBA AfroBasket tournaments, where both Ghana and Nigeria have fought hard to establish dominance. Nigeria has had the upper hand in recent years, with notable performances that have elevated them in African basketball.


However, matches between the two are always highly anticipated, showcasing intense physicality, strategic play, and the growing popularity of basketball in both countries.

Boxing is another sport where Ghana and Nigeria have had historic battles, especially in continental championships and Commonwealth Games. Both countries have produced world-class boxers who have gone head-to-head for gold medals and titles.

These encounters are often marked by technical skill, endurance, and the sheer will to win, reflecting the strong boxing cultures that exist in both Ghana and Nigeria.


The Ghana-Nigeria rivalry is not limited to men's football. The women's teams of both countries have had several epic battles in the African Women's Championship (AWCON).

These matches are fiercely contested, with both teams showcasing their skill, determination, and desire to be the top women's football team in Africa. The rivalry adds an extra layer of excitement to the tournament, drawing fans from across the continent and beyond.

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