According to him, the grounds have been laid for his son to become a true force to reckon with in the world of boxing.

In his view, other boxers would have gone on to become world champions if they had a quarter of what has been invested into Isaac Dogboe’s career.

The senior Dogboe said this in relation to a cryptic tweet from his son, which some read suicidal thoughts into.

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Isaac Dogboe
Isaac Dogboe

“We branded him properly. Look at the international recognition he had which was made by one person, that’s the dad,” Paul Dogboe told Peace FM, as quoted by Ghanaweb.

“He got it all. From Kumasi straight to England and then from there he became three times champion of England. Went to the Olympics and became a world champion at the age of 23 so what else can you give to a son growing up?

“There are a lot of boxers struggling and for me hearing that, it is a disgrace. I don’t think there is something wrong with this kid. If a quarter of what he had and backing he had was given to a kid in Bukom, I promise you, we would raise world champions in Ghana.”

Isaac Dogboe came under the spotlight last week when he tweeted that he was waiting for the day he takes his final breath.

“I wait for the day I take my final breath and bid farewell to the world Folded hands... and I hope when that day comes you won’t be sad,” the boxer tweeted.

Many of his followers expressed concern about the tweet, with 25-year-old later clarifying that “I am not going to kill myself.”

Paul Dogboe, however, downplayed the incident and believes his son was “playing on the minds of Ghanaians.”

“A lot of people sent me that because Ghanaians like bad news but I think the kid is just playing on the minds of Ghanaians. I just didn’t understand why that tweet. This kid had it all, we gave him our best and broke our back to put him on the pedestal and made him a world champion,” he added.

Isaac Dogboe last stepped into the ring in July 2020, when he recorded an eighth-round victory by way of knockout against Chris Avalos.