BBC apologises after pornographic audio was heard during live FA Cup coverage

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has apologised after its live coverage of the FA Cup was interrupted by a pornographic audio.

BBC apologises after pornographic audio was heard during FA Cup coverage

Gary Lineker was the man hosting the FA Cup third-round replay between Wolves and Liverpool on Tuesday when the incident happened.


In what was an embarrassing moment, sex noises and moans could be heard as the former footballer presented the live coverage.

Lineker apologised on set over the incident and the BBC has now rendered an official apology for the pornographic noise that interrupted their coverage.

A statement from the British broadcaster said: "We apologise to any viewers offended during the live coverage of the football this evening.”

Meanwhile, Lineker saw the funny side of the prank, but described it as an amusing sabotage in a post on Twitter.

In a follow-up interview with BBC Two's Newsnight, the former England striker said the noise was so loud he initially thought a video had been sent to one of the pundits' phones.

"We've certainly got nothing to [be sorry] for," Lineker told the BBC's Kirsty Wark, while heading back from the FA Cup match.

"If you told me this morning that tonight I'd be on Newsnight talking about a porn scandal, I would have been terrified."

A video of the embarrassing incident has since gone viral on social media, as it didn’t go unnoticed by viewers.


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