Pastor Mensah Otabil saves Accra Sports Stadium

Pastor Mensah Otabil and the International Central Gospel Church saved the Accra Sports Stadium from further embarrassment by repairing the floodlights

The Accra Sports Stadium has for some occasions embarrassed Ghana due to damaged bulbs of the floodlights at the venue.


Concert lights have had to be used as a remedy for playing a football game that went into the dark hours of the day due to the faulty floodlights. The most notable of the embarrassment  happened under the watch of the President of Ghana, John Mahama when a game between TP Mazembe of DR Congo and Dream Team of Ghana was halted due to darkness at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Pastor Mensah Otabil, General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church, [ICGC] has come to the aid in repairing the damaged floodlights at the venue. The repair was done ahead of the church’s use of the place at worship grounds of their 31st night service.

A member of the International Central Gospel Church told about the repair:


“There was the need to restore the floodlights because we needed it for the service on the night so we paid for the lights to be operational.

“I cannot confirm the exact cost for the repair works but everybody at the stadium on the night, and even the stadium workers can attest to the fact that the floodlights are operating at full capacity.

“You can say that we did not do this as charity, of course we needed to pay for the usage of the stadium and we did, but since we are not responsible for the repair of damaged equipment, it is like our church service has been beneficial to the nation in several ways.”

The Public Relations Officer of the National Sports Authority, Frederica Davies Mensah confirmed the repair of the floodlights telling

“They [International Central Gospel Church] did it, they are not taking it back but I cannot say it is for free.


“They do it every year and they make sure their congregation has a comfortable church sessions and that is how come they restored it”,

“Ever since they finished with their programme, we haven’t used the lights for any other event yet but obviously in the long run, there will be other events like football and concerts which will make us of it.”

The Accra Sports Stadium was opened in the year 1960. The stadium got renovated in the years leading to the 2008 African Cup of Nations tournament which was hosted by Ghana.


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