Two-time Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso believes it is possible McLaren can end Mercedes' dominance in the sport.

McLaren chairman Ron Dennis declared on Monday that his team will be the first to dethrone Mercedes - who have won the last two constructors' championships.

He told the BBC: "I honestly believe that the next world champions after Mercedes will be McLaren. We'll get to that goal before other people.

"It is challenging but I have a firm belief in the technical competence of our people and a firm belief in Honda."

And Alonso - who won his two world titles with Renault before making the initial switch to McLaren in 2007 - has backed up Dennis' bold remarks.

"Will we be the first to stop Mercedes' domination? I don't know yet but it's quite possible," the Spaniard said.

"Red Bull are a top team but not having a big engine manufacturer in this F1 is tough and Ferrari will always be competitive but always maybe missing the last bit.

"What Ron says it's something he feels and I tend to agree with him. With next year's regulations it's difficult to know how things can mix in terms of competitiveness.

"I see this project going in the right direction. Last year we had many difficulties, we were under performing and all we had was hope things would get better.

"Now we have more than hope, we've started to see the results, to touch the results and we feel more competitive."

McLaren have finished in the points in three out of the first five races in 2016, with Alonso claiming their best finish of sixth in Russia earlier this month.