Tim Abeyie has been banned from athletics for the next four years for his involvement in dopong.

A statement released by the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) reads:

"Consistent with rules governing doping violations of the , International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and Ghana Athletics Association (GAA), Mr. Tim Abeyie following a doping violation."


The offense took place at a competition in Germany where he is based.

Mr. Abeyie, switched allegiance to Ghana in 2011 from UK. His last competition for Ghana was in August 2014.

Mr. Abeyie’s ban for doping is the 3rd in Ghana’s athletics history, following offenses by Marc Anthony Awere (2003 [competition in Germany]) and Aziz Zakari (2006 [competition in Senegal]).

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GAA takes a zero-tolerance approach to doping and has advocated the possibility of lifetime bans for offending athletes while supporting aggressive anti-doping education efforts.