SuperBid stands out with new app merging social media and cryptocurrencies

It is clear that the social media landscape has shifted in the past couple of years. During this time, cryptocurrency found its footing and grew into the massive industry we now know.


The increasing growth of crypto has paved the way for NFTs. Now, SuperBid is marrying the world of blockchain and NFTs with social media to create a never-seen-before face of social media.

SuperBid is a social auction app that allows creators and influencers to connect to their fans. SuperBid is powered by blockchain and essentially works as an NFT marketplace where celebrities can auction items, NFTs, and unique experiences to their fans. Fans get to bid for content and make purchases of the items they want with the SuperBid Token.

Seeing an opportunity in digital auctions and coupling that with social media, SuperBid is the first marketplace for celebrity moments and NFTs immortalized on the blockchain. According to the creators of SuperBid, the vision is to change the face of social media, making it easier for influencers and fans to connect and opening up NFT marketplaces to global audiences. From their research, at least 50% of the world’s population is on social media, and with growing technological advances, that number is growing. This makes it possible to realize their vision of bringing crypto and social media together.

To see to this vision, the SuperBid app was created with socially engaging features that make it easy for fans to bid and creators to auction unique items and moments. Social media was designed to connect the global community, and SuperBid is looking to take that connectivity a notch higher. The CEO and co-founder of SuperBid, Patrick Gajda, says that social media is the key to bridging the gap between the cryptocurrency world and the mainstream. Once cryptocurrencies find their way into social media, they will become an indispensable part of daily life.


As the pioneers of a social auction app that combines cryptocurrency and social media, SuperBid sets itself apart from other players. Definitely, one to watch!


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