"Take action and ignore self-doubt": Mike Sancho's Mantra for success

Self-doubt is like poison. It is a sinking sensation of the lack of self-worth that suffocates you and eats you up from the inside.

Mike Sancho

For Mike Sancho, CEO of Wealth Accelerators, endless self-doubt and lack of action are the greatest obstacles that can keep one’s life from becoming meaningful. He stresses the importance of due diligence and well-earned confidence in this article.

“If you doubt your decisions more than you should, it’s probably the time to ask yourself why,” explains Mike Sancho. Is it fear, or more accurately, the fear of failing? Or something else? Whatever your answer, Sancho believes that anything that keeps you from taking action and seizing the moment is counterintuitive in all possible ways. He says, “We are all afraid of something or another. Sometimes we can name that fear, while sometimes, we can’t. But that’s no reason to keep yourself from acting on your dreams.

Fear, labeled or unlabeled, deepens self-doubt. With time, self-doubt turns to self-loathing, and before you know it, years pass by without you coming any closer to your dream or purpose.”

Success does not have a VIP pass. It’s not meant for a chosen few. However, it’s the domain of those who dare. And self-doubt can keep our courage from flourishing. “It can turn people into cowardly lions who are forever waiting for someone to guide us through life even though life has no fixed path,” says Mike Sancho. “Sure, there are rules. But they are meant to help you on your path, not keep you from walking.”


Mike Sancho’s reasons are straight, to-the-point, and hard to argue with. If you still find yourself procrastinating and surrounded with self-doubt, remember, a life lived with perpetual doubt and little action is hardly lived at all.


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