Adam Levine's leather jacket was stolen. Twice

When not behind the mic or in front of the camera, he swears that his day-to-day look in Los Angeles is all about comfort.

Following are some of his current (and past) favorite items.

1. Shirt: I have this awesome Powell Peralta ragged, old thin sweatshirt that says, “Bones.” I’ve always been a fan of skating, and I’ve had it for a long time. It’s faded gray, and even the collar is ragged.

2. Pants: Right now, I’m going through a bit of a phase. I like relatively loose-fitting pants that are not exactly track pants and not exactly slacks. It’s hard to explain. I’m a fan of comfort these days, and it’s a style that goes with everything and is easy to put on.


Now that I’m a dad, I’m trying to re-create a part of my childhood and am a fan of things that were popular for ‘80s dads — everything from mustaches to Air Maxes. It’s not a raggedy pair of sweatpants now. It’s like, how are those sweatpants, Valentino?

3. Jacket: I’ve had a Saint Laurent black leather jacket for a couple years now that is my favorite ever. Every once in a while you’ll find something like that. I used to be more into a St. Marks kind of slim leather jacket. This is more relaxed and much more of a reasonable fit. I guess you would call it a moto jacket.

Actually I have a story of an incredible Balenciaga leather jacket in 2007. It was perfect, and it was stolen from me. I actually bought another one, the same year, the same style, and that one got ganked as well. It was so well made. The shoulder fit perfectly. I have literally tried to find it online everywhere since, but they stopped making it.

4. Shoes: Off-White shoes are the best. It’s next level with its attention to detail. I’m talking about the Jordan 1’s he did. They may be trendy, but they are so good and obviously the dude, Virgil Abloh, is a genius. I have multiple pairs, all the ones that I can get my hands on. My little brother turned me on to sneakers. Isn’t it so fascinating, the sneaker game? For me, it’s rooted in the past and for adults of a certain age, you get in touch with another part of your person — your inner little kid.

5. Accessories: I don’t want to look like a pirate. I wear a ring, my wedding ring, and I wear a watch and the same gold necklace. My wife gave me the necklace — my Jewish part of the family will probably kill me, but it’s a gold Mother Mary.


My most prized possession is my watch. I bought it about eight years ago, and it’s a Rolex Paul Newman Daytona. It was a major luxury purchase, and I will never, ever get rid of it. You can go plenty of directions with a Rolex — there are so many bad ones — but the right one from the right era is something special.

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.

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