5 really cool facts you didn’t know about the human body

Today, we have condensed five really cool facts you didn’t know about the human body

The human body is pretty weird. The more we learn about our bodies, the weirder but more amazing they seem.

Thanks to biology, we can learn so much odd stuff about ourselves and our world.

1. You’re arguably way older than you think you are

Humans begin as an egg, so in order to know your real age it is just fair to add the age your mother had you to your age now. I guess you are feeling a bit old now.


2. Your sense of smell is the last thing to wake up in the morning

Did you know that you wake up before your nose does. That could be something you beat every morning. Your smell is also the most closely related sense to your memories.

3. Your bones start breaking down at 27

At age 27, your skeletal remains would be determined by their degeneration rather than their development. You get stuck and your childish growing up is done.

4. You’re taller in the morning


Whenever you sleep at night you get about 1cm shorter due to cartilage in your bones compressing during the day. Need to reach something in the ‘high press’? Do it before breakfast.

5. You’ve got a big blind spot in each eye

No matter how amazing you think your 20/20 vision is, we all have areas that we just can’t see. Try it out for yourself.

I will like to help, get a larger picture, close one eye and focus on the opposite letter (R for your left eye, L for right). Now move your eye towards or away from the screen until the other letter disappears. You can share the results within our comment section.


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