These are the happiest countries in Africa and Nigeria’s rank will surprise you

Africans are generally fun-loving people, and economic and social challenges could not take this attribute from them.


According to the report, happiness is used to measure social and democratic progress. The World Happiness Report was first released in 2012 and since become an annual report.

World Happiness report adopts a combination of indicators such as GDP per capita, average life expectancy, trust in governance, freedom of speech and making choices, citizens’ ability to hold governments accountable, social support, and generosity to rank countries across the world.

Based on the above, here are 10 happiest countries in Africa.

1.    Algeria

Algeria is a popular destination for tourists and investors because of its cities ,views of the coast, cliffs and other delights.

According to the World Happiness Report 2017, Algeria is the happiest country in Africa and ranked 53 across the globe.

2.    Mauritius

Mauritius is famous as a major tourist destination for visitors from across the world. The country is also refereed to as the most advanced democracy in the region.

Based on the WHR 2017, Mauritius is ranked the second happiest country in Africa. The country also offered a ground for integration of all religions and cultures across the world. An example is the celebrations of the Chinese New Year in the country.

3.    Libya

The rank of the North-African country comes as a surprise entry to many, as it is currently undergoing a political turmoil.

Libya was ranked the third happiest country in Africa, according to the  World Happiness Report 2017.

Despite the lawlessness, Libyans are known to be generally warm, friendly, and extremely hospitable. Visitors often praise the Libyan people for their kindness and respect they show to others.

4.    Morocco

Morocco is another city acknowledged for its composition happy and warm people. One of its cities – Fez is known as the “Athens of Africa.”

Morocco was ranked the 4th African country with the happiest people. A local was reported to have said “You don’t need a visa to get into Fez” – a city in Morocco, “you just need a smile.”

5.    Somalia

Somalia ranking above countries like Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa is also surprising. Somalia was ranked the fifth happiest country in Africa.

Unlike other African countries, what pushed Somalia up the list are the availability of social supports and freedom to make life choices.

6.    Nigeria

Despite the economic recession and insecurity challenges, Nigeria was ranked the 6th happiest country in Africa in the WHR 2017.

According to the report, Nigerians have found a way to be happy irrespective of the social and economic challenges its residents are facing.  Hence, people in the country are noted as welcoming, warm, and eager to help whenever you are in need of assistance.

This attribute is what you get across the country. The optimism of the people that situation would get better is one of the factors retaining the country on the list.

7.    South Africa

South Africa is one of the most developed countries on the continent and is able to offering infrastructure and facilities to enhance people’s welfare.

8.    Tunisia

Tunisia is the 8th happiest country on the continent, and this is attributed to her improving per capita GDP, economic growth, as well as a strong social fabric.

The country has also been noted to have a conducive environment that promotes peace and cohesion. Its social norms is noted to dictate good etiquette, address and treat people with respect.

9.     Egypt

Egypt is one of the largest countries on the continent. The North African country was ranked 9th on the continent by World Happiness Report 2017.

Egyptians are noted to be highly religious, and this helped them to successfully pass through numerous societal challenges.

In general, citizens of the country are very friendly and helpful people, and most of them would go the extra mile to help out. And also love to chat.

10.    Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s emerging economic powerhouses and has managed to put in great efforts in keeping its people happy.

The country was ranked 10th in Africa by the World Happiness Report 2017. Many religions in the country were noted to peacefully co-exist and people on its streets shows how warmth the country is.


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