Uganda hosts first Albino contest in Africa

Uganda has hosted the first albino contest in Africa.

Albinos contestants in Uganda

Over the years, people with albinism in Africa have faced a lot of challenges in their quest to gain acceptance in society.

It is not surprising that, apart from the fact that they are often ostracised, they are also hunted for their body parts which are believed to have strong ritual values in many parts of Africa.

In some parts of the African countries, it is speculated that Albinos do not die, instead, they vanish into thin air.

Nonetheless, there are still some African countries who believe in oneness hence promote that agenda.

Kenya, in quest to host a contest for albinos known as the Mr. and Ms. East Africa’s Beauty Contest which come of at the end of November, 2018 , Uganda has held its first-ever beauty contest for people with albinism to select the candidates that will represent the country at the contest.

Reports indicates that, twenty-two candidates from six districts in the country competed for the opportunity to represent Uganda in November, but only 5 males and 5 females were picked by the judges to fill the required slots.

Director of the Malengo Foundation and a judge at the event, Michelle Omamteker said “the event was important because it gives albinos a worthy representation and champions the need for society to see people with albinism as equals”.

Michelle said, "today was an important opportunity because we had the first hearings in Uganda of people with albinism for Mr. and Ms. Albinism from East Africa. This is extremely important because representation is important. That says a lot about how society perceives this difference".

Contestants at the event thanked the organizers adding that it was an opportunity for them to showcase the talents and as well be recognised in society.


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